Investigations &

When organizations face investigations involving allegations of corporate fraud and misconduct, money laundering, bribery and corruption, trade sanction violations, and other regulatory issues, they must address such allegations or inquiries from regulators with a rapid and appropriately tailored response. Cornerstone Financial Advisers Management supports clients — boards of directors, executive management, in-house counsel, and external legal advisors at law firms around the globe — through every step of an investigation. This includes responding to an incident, uncovering critical facts, communicating with regulators, engaging in remediation efforts, and, ultimately, meeting the requirements of a settlement agreement and repairing reputational damage.

Engage our global network of experts to leverage analytics technology, providing investigative insights that identify root causes of misconduct and applying what is learned to strengthen ethics and compliance programs and controls. If a corporate integrity monitor ultimately is required to verify a company’s compliance with the terms of a settlement, we can serve as independent monitor, or can provide assistance to the appointed monitor, regardless of the industry in which the organization operates.

Our multidisciplinary team includes investigators, forensic accountants, e-discovery experts, data analysts, crisis communications experts and former compliance officers. We seamlessly mobilize to collect and analyze data, design and execute an approach based on the facts at hand. In addition, we conduct interviews of witnesses and investigative subjects, while ensuring key stakeholders are properly informed throughout the investigation.