Life Investment

Remember the sense of pride and responsibility you felt when you carried your child for the first time. From then onwards, you want to protect your child and make sure that his or her future is secure and in the best hands. Education plays a pivotal role in determining your child’s future and the cost of this is increasing with time. After meeting all other financial commitments will you have enough money put aside to give your child the best education for a promising future?
Future Invest is a Unit Linked Investment Plan with an element of saving, investment and protection all in one product. Future Invest is designed not only to protect you and your saving from uncertain events but also to ensure peace of mind through sufficient funds at the end of the plan.
We are living in a world of uncertainty. which raises concerns about future income. Pension becomes an important factor at a time when you retire and salary stops, but the mounting expenses continue. Introducing Cornerstone Financial Advisers Managements Limited Pension Plan, a one of a kind product that provides the opportunity to receive dollar income, for a comfortable retirement
Having an income protection is a prudent option when you have a lot of financial obligations. Cornerstone Financial Advisers Managements Limited International Term Plan is particularly worth it because it’s the most affordable type of life investment available that provides a lump sum money for a financial safety net in case of any unforeseen event of life like Critical Illness, Terminal Illness, Disability, and Death.